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Since our formation in 2015, we have been passionately roasting and serving high quality coffee through both our cafe and to our wholesale clients.

Reprise Coffee Roasters began in the upstairs apartment of cofounder Adam Paronto by serving small batch coffee to wholesale clients. Through slowly roasting coffee, the business began to grow as Adam brought cultivating flavors to Lake County, Illinois. In 2015, the first cafe was opened in the West Lake Forest Train Station. Today, Reprise remains the leaders of specialty coffee including small batch roasting and latte art in the Winnetka cafe. Read more...

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We travel far and wide to discover coffee. Our coffee comes from all over the world. We support small farms and those that don’t have the same advantages that we have in the United States. We transcend coffee and build communities all over the world as we focus on maintaining integrity and on our responsibility as humans to support each other through love and coffee.