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One thing we have learned about coffee is that it is a very culturally-impacted industry.  The pursuit for the "perfect cup" could mean a different thing to everybody. For us, the pursuit is what makes us happy. We are lucky to work with one of the most complex notions on the planet: flavor. There is no better enjoyment than connecting an individual to what they love most & to help them identify a little unknown in their life. We love it so much because we learn something too. And through this tiny spark of interest, it instills a simple hope: maybe we can grow together


We consider it our social responsibility to offer alternatives to coffee that share a common interest in our mission: to create a balanced & palatable world through all steps of the supply chain. We also realize that this task is not only a lifetime commitment, but also that of which our small team has no capacity at the moment. Although, through every obstacle in life, we have been generously provided with a solution. For these circumstances we are floored to have partnered with such a young & like-minded company to Reprise; in valuing the relationship above all else. We are proud to source exclusively Spirit Tea and hope you enjoy our extensive assortment as much as we have. 

Wholesale Services

Coffee & Tea Equipment

As your coffee wholesale partners, we want you to focus on the best customer service through making the best coffee. We have a team of experienced professionals to handle your equipment installation and maintenance. We also recommend some of the most efficient machines on the market. We setup up all our clients with our technicians close to their areas of operation to personalize their needs. If the espresso machine breaks down, let the experts handle it.


To ensure you have all these services at your disposal, we train you and your workers, how to handle and operate the different types of coffee machines.

We offer training on how to combine products, to make the best latte, espresso or any other coffee beverage your shop provides. Our training is designed to suit your business needs. The sessions can be in-house or from our location.

Whichever grinder or machine is used to make coffee, certain elements have to be added in precision. It is also crucial to understand guidelines for the use of different coffee equipment. We have done a lot of testing so that you are aware of the right amounts and products to use for a brilliant cup of coffee.

How to grind coffee beans

Properly roasted beans, automatically call for appropriate grinding before brewing. Coffee taste is profoundly affected by the acidity of the beans. Always grind coffee beans no more than 15 minutes before brewing for a fresh taste. The more time it spends ground, the more it oxidizes, accelerating the coffee aging process.

To maximize the brewing of the beans, grind using a burr grinder which grinds finely, as compared to a blade grinder that grinds uneven particles. The purpose of reducing the coffee grinds to the smallest sizes is to expose them to water for a perfect brew. Brew finer particles for a shorter time. We offer such and much more knowledge in our training sessions.


Since we have enough experience in the coffee business as compared to coffee retailers, our goal is to simplify the experience for newcomers in the field of coffee. Our consulting services cover those who want to open coffee shops and those who need skills on how to package their coffee products for better sales. We advise those interested in partnering to involve us months before the store opening. That way, we can evaluate the shop surrounding and what its residents prefer. An environment with students who spend long hours studying will appreciate lattes more than cappuccinos.

It is essential for a new coffee shop to have a unique coffee program, popular with its customers. We provide professional advice on design, layout, equipment and management techniques to suit a preferred coffee program. We connect you with the right structural professionals such as plumbers, architects, and electricians to create the perfect ambiance and systems for your shop.

If you are thinking of starting a coffee shop, and allow Reprise Coffee Roasters to provide you with the best wholesale coffee services to boost your retail needs.