The Sugar On Your Teeth

The Sugar On Your Teeth

  • 0.75 Lbs.
  • Type: Sundried Natural
  • Where: Jinotega Nicaragua
  • Flavor Notes: Concord Grape, Sucrose, Fig, Bittersweet Chocolate 


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Sabino lives in a small village of farmers who produce both coffee & vegetables at the highest altitude in Jinotega. When you visit his farm you may still see him using two oxen to pull a cart or to plow a field. He has abundant raised beds for both coffee processing & selecting out imperfections. Gold Mountain Coffee Growers  worked with Sabino's father before he passed away recently. Don Sabino hopes to continue his father's coffee farming legacy. 

We named this special lot The Sugar On Your Teeth. As the coffee cools you can literally taste the sweetness on your teeth. Limited quantities available. 

Sabino del Carmen Salgado Montenegro_preview.jpeg
Sabino and his wife_preview.jpeg