Finca Idealista - Honey Process

Finca Idealista - Honey Process

  • 0.75 Lbs.

  • Type: Black Honey Process

  • Where: Matagalpa, Nicaragua

  • Flavor Notes: Stewed Mango, Peach Sauce & Pineapple Acidity

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Finca Idealista sits on a mountaintop that borders a nature reserve, whose trees act as a natural air conditioner for its many varieties of award-winning coffee beans. This cool microclimate lengthens the coffee cherry maturity process, allowing beans more time to absorb natural sugars and other attributes that contribute to a rounded cup profile.

Finca Idealista workers receive the highest wages around. Local pickers are trained to pick only the reddest cherries so that the farm’s crop reachers its full potential and highest level of sweetness. Extraordinary care is taken, both during wet and dry processing, to inspect all beans and ensure that only the finest, ripest coffee is exported.

Finca Idealista invests in volcanic filters to protect the environment from run-off when coffee is washed. The volcanic material is brought from Masaya, one of Nicaragua’s volcanic regions. The farm saves its best coffee cherries to make coffee cherry tea (available in-store only) and uses the rest as nutrients for coffee plants and fruit trees. Notably, Idealista purchased a rainforest to protect its flora and fauna.

In addition to its focus on quality, Finca Idealista, through its partner social enterprise Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, supports the growth and development of the community through educational supplies and running water for schools, scholarships & medical supplies, free computing classes for girls, and new initiatives based on needs assessment. Gold Mountain Coffee Growers won the SCAE Sustainability Award for joint economic and environmental achievements.